I am pleased to be able to offer my services for your commission needs. If you are looking for a unique arrangement of an existing song, whether it be for an audition, recording, your wedding, or any other function, I am able to create something that will truly be special and personal to you. 

I've had wonderful experiences with creating special arrangements for client's weddings, and for artist's original and cover tracks. I'm confident that you will end up with something that is very unique and personal to you! I will offer my full support even after payment, and I've completed an arrangement until you are 100% satisfied. 


I am also offering composition services, so if you have a short film, or require an original piece of music, I would be more than happy to offer my services!








If you are interested in ordering a commission, please contact me using the form bellow. In the message section, please describe your needs in as much detail as possible so I can get a good idea of what you require! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Comission Guidelines


 - My rates are BASE GUIDELINES. As each commission is so individual, there are many variables for me to consider based on your requirements. Things for me to consider for example, the complexity of the piece, instrumentation, length of piece etc. Therefore, the final price may be slightly lower or higher, depending on your personal needs.  We will of course discuss your needs in detail before the final price is confirmed. 


- If you are not familiar with my style and sound, I would advise you to check out some of my existing music and arrangements so you can get an idea of how I work sonically.


In short, I specialise in piano, string based music. Whilst I will endeavour to cater to all requests, it is worth noting that I am not versed in the classical genre, so I will unlikely accept a commission for 'Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor' for example. Similarly, if you requested an arrangement of a death metal song, I'd unlikely accept that too. 


- I accept payments via PayPal, and like to work in this manner.


- Once you have ordered a commission, I will send an invoice to your preferred email address. At that point, I will take payment and begin working on your commission. Depending on the nature/complexity of the arrangement, and also depending on how busy I am, you can expect to receive your commission within 3 working days of your payment.

-Once you have received the final arrangement, and you find there is still something you are not happy about, I will of course follow up and change anything you aren't happy with. (All commissions will be produced as a standard .WAV file, sent via WeTransfer. Other formats are available depending on your requests.)


I will allow up to 2 revisions of a complete arrangement if you aren't happy with it. Things such as volume levels of instruments, and genuine musical errors will not count as a revision, as these are very simple to modify and fix.


A revision counts as a significant change to the structure, or music of the arrangement. My main goal is to create a product which you are 100% satisfied with, but I will not be able to keep changing significant factors, so I will have to assess each case individually







'I knew of Sams work and approached him about putting an emotional twist on a couple of special rap tracks dedicated to my daughter and mother. Sam transformed my rap songs into beautiful, orchestral pieces of art.  His talent is undeniable, this guy is without a doubt one of the best producers I have ever worked with. Constant, kind communication, extremely proffesional all round and such a nice guy! The work Sam did for me has been very succesful and I will definitely be working with him again on future projects!
- Adam Turner (Artist)
'"I really enjoyed working with Sam in expanding the scope of my game project's soundtrack. He was very acessible and offered to tweak and revise my project even after it was complete. I will be working with him again in the future and would definitely reccomend his services to anyone looking for professional compositions.'
-Sion, Reyvasoft LLC
'I first came across Sam Yung's arrangement of Adele's 'Hello' on YouTube, and was immediately drawn to his work. He interpreted the song as his own and as a fan of orchestral pop arrangements, I was captivated by its beauty in the subtleties and simplicity. As well, Sam was very generous and easy going on the business side when I requested to use some of his tracks to perform to, which is a quality of an entrepreneur with great and unlimited potential.'
-Tiffany Desrosiers (Artist)
'Working with Sam on this film was an truly experience for me. He helped me compose the entire score for the film without any visuals as an reference. Not many composers can make music out of nothing so I'm extremely fortunate that I got to know Sam and his work. The final piece of music "hearts and minds" had exactly what I was looking for so I couldn't be more happy! The film "Metaphor" will be realised this year online.'
-Oscar Tannerstad (Director, Producer)
"I reached out to Sam via email a few months ago after hearing his amazing rendition of "Unconditional" by Katy Perry. I didn't expect to receive any reply back, but literally minutes later he wrote back. Not only that, but he said he would be happy to create a custom arrangement for me in the key I need it in. Sam worked on the track and stayed in constant communication with me, and in less than 2 weeks I had 2 versions in different keys, and both are absolutely beautiful. The guy is not only an insanely talented musician, but an incredibly humble and down to earth person that I WILL be working with again. Thanks a million bud! And if you're still thinking about working with Sam, stop thinking and just do it. I promise you won't regret it"
-Eric McBride (Artist)
 'Hey Sam! I can't thank you enough for the arrangement of 'Dream' and 'Love Me Like You Do'. The songs made my wedding ceremony so perfect!! Keep doing what you do!!!' 
-Megan Belt (Client)
'Hi, my name is Thomas. I'm from Germany

I love playing piano to relax me. Some days I have become aware of the music of Sam Yung.
I was looking for music that is emotional and powerful and on his youtube channel I found it. 
I have written to Sam to get an arrangement for one of his songs in the form of a Synthesia tutorial, and got within minutes response from him. The pay was very easy and I got the sheets after 2 days. 
I am very happy because nowhere else is such a beautiful arrangement. I would recommend Sam Yung.'

-Thomas (Client)
I first discovered Sam's work on YouTube while trying to find an instrumental version of Birdy's Wings which I wanted to walk down the isle to - and fell in love with his cover. While researching his work I discovered that not only can you purchase his previous arrangements for a donation, but can also commission covers. I have since purchased both a copy of Wings and a cover of Drops of Jupiter for our first dance. Sam's service was excellent from start to finish - he's incredibly friendly, professional and so quick to respond (not to mention incredibly talented). He had completed our commission within a few days, and was willing to amend anything we weren't happy with. Not that his arrangement needed anything - we were absolutely thrilled with what he had created, and can't wait for our big day. We would thoroughly recommend Sam and wish him every success with his future projects.


- Ceri & Matt (Clients)