'Where words fail, music speaks'
Hans Christian Andersen

Sam Yung is a 26 year old musician and composer from London, United Kingdom. A self taught pianist and drummer, he has been playing since the age of 7. Now focused on arranging and composing, Sam has gained a faithful following on YouTube with over 30,000 subscribers, and millions of video views. 


Recognised for his ability to channel powerful emotion through his music and arrangements, Sam creates pieces of music that connect and resonate with people world-wide. 


Sam studied at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology for 5 years, and has had experience drumming in a band, and composing. 


He has been very fortunate to have his arrangements heard by many respected artists across the industry, and the feedback has been very positive. 


To compose music that challenges people's emotions is Sam's on-going goal, and he hopes he can continue to create music that will reach out and make people 'feel' that strong emotion that connects us all to music.